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KOZMO – The Dream of a Polish Sports Car

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People who don’t take no for an answer deserve more admiration. James Glickenhaus is one of those people. James and his Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus are building exotic road cars which can be raced and done so competitively. Almost nobody does that anymore; most manufacturers just build road cars and subcontract the manufacture of racecars resembling those road cars to anonymous shops in North Carolina or southern England. But Mr. Glickenhaus has resources not available to us “normies” – funding, mainly. He has more than money, though. He has ambition, dedication, and he’s probably not the kind of person to take a no for an answer.


That’s great for him. What about you? What if you want to build your own car and you do not have millions of dollars at your disposal?

The story is cute. A car-loving 10-year-old kid named Tomasz Ferdek is diagnosed with Leukemia. While in hospital receiving treatment, he dreams up and pens his lightweight sports car in detail. Some years later, after shaking off his illness, he starts building it in his one-car communist-era city garage. Thousands of work hours later, he has a running prototype. Not only that, on an autocross course it runs times similar to some of the fastest cars there.


There is more to this story, but you’ll have to read about it on The Truth About Cars.

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